We must weep before we can begin to heal

Weeping Madonna

Weeping Madonna (Photo credit: MEL810)

“A wound that goes unacknowledged and unwept is a wound that cannot heal.”~John Eldredge

This is more than just a quote. This is good, hard truth. If you have wounds, don’t be afraid of them. Open them up, talk to someone about them, pray about them, allow God and a trusted friend or counselor to help you work through the healing. Denying the wound is not “moving on.” You must weep first; then the healing begins. And, hey, some wounds will heal in stages. They will surprise you at times, seem to resurface, sometimes even seem to rush over you like a wave. Don’t be afraid of that, either. That is just an opportunity for God to take you to a higher level of healing. It’s not a sign of your failure, lack of faith, or weakness as a human being. No, it’s just a sign that you are actually stronger, ready for the next level of healing, a level you couldn’t have reached before. Just let those tears come when they need to. Let Him enter and minister. Let those you trust provide support and encouragement, and if there are those who judge or belittle, either remove them from your life or put some distance between them and yourself for as long as you need it. And, be ready to share your healing journey with others because you will certainly meet another soul one day who is just a little further back in the healing journey and will need to hear from you, “It’s all good-you’re just healing.”


“…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Psalm 30;5


It really is all that


Mamá (Photo credit: RebelCallejeros)

I was at one of those end-of-year events today for one of my children, one of those that goes almost all day and involves some sweating, some boredom, some super cute moments, and some laughs, you know, a little of everything. As I drove away from the school to run a few errands prior to the afternoon pick-up, I actually started to cry thinking, I am so incredibly blessed to have had that time with my son. There were children there without their parents, and I would just guess that their parents would have given anything to have been there. People have to work, and yes, I know there are those parents that “don’t care.” But, I believe that most parents are “good” and want to be there. INot only did I feel happy for myself that I was able to experience it, but I also felt so thankful for my son, for the fact that he had his Mama there.He never doubted I would come. He just assumed. I like that. I liked how he constantly looked over at me and smiled, checking to make sure I was watching him while he sang “Goin’ on a Bear Hunt” and the “Number Song” and several other tunes with his class. I liked how he wanted to sit right beside me at lunch. These years go by far too quickly, and I will treasure every moment.

Club Eifel disc jockey DJ Blaze plays music at...

Club Eifel disc jockey DJ Blaze plays music at the 2009 Air Force Ball. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Nick Wilson Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In other precious moments, last night, one of my daughters attended her first dance. We (the parents) were only allowed to stay for the first 15 minutes of the dance, and then we had to leave. Why? Because they needed “to get their groove on” and they couldn’t do it with us there. Pshhhhh! Well, I was very offended (not really). BUT, when I went to pick her up, the DJ was playing some pretty hot tunes, and the next thing I knew I was out on the dance floor “shaking that thang” with about 50 5th graders (along with a few other moms, teachers, and the Assistant Principal). Pure, absolute crazy-fun for a Mama who don’t get out much, you know what I’m sayin?! By this time, my daughter was having a blast and was no longer against the idea of me getting my boogie on at her dance!! Oh yeahhhhhh!!! More moments to treasure. AND, I must say, I did get several compliments on my moves <insert booty shake music>…Anyway, there is no gift more precious, no thing in this world of which I feel  less deserving (ok, salvation, for sure), but these are the moments that remind me, time and time again, that motherhood really is ALL THAT.

Pig Tails and Booty Shorts

a sure way to get attention at the race. and o...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

O.K., since when do booty shorts and pig tails go together? I did a little retail scanning today in search of a couple of things I needed for my daughter, and while I was in the store, I noticed that there were no shorts any longer than the cheek of the booty! My daughters are 11 and 12, and this was one of those “tween” specialty stores where, if you’re 21 and still buying clothes there, well..it’s time to move on, know what I mean? So, why would there be shorts in there that could nearly get a grown woman arrested?? I am actually a bit conflicted on this, to tell the truth. One half of me says, “Heck, on a girl that young, they’re just freakin’ cute and what harm does it do? Plus, it’s something they can ‘get away with’ while they’re young and it’s still just ‘cute.'” The other half of me says, “Yeah, but they are at the age of hormones and boys, and <insert gag sound> what if it caused grown men to look at their little hineys??!!” Well, I also think, “What else are they gonna wear? That’s all that’s out these days! But I don’t want to be held hostage by my culture, by a bunch of retailers who don’t know the first thing about parenting, about bringing up girls…I don’t WANT my daughter lookin’ like she’s on the payroll at the Nair company doin’ a “take 3” for the latest commercial. I mean, I even saw some “little girl” booty shorts the other day that were called “shorty shorts,” as if adding the cute little “y” to the end made it all innocent and little girl-like. ” O.K., so, yes, all of this goes on in my noggin just after drifting through Aeropostale…So, you mean to tell me that there is NO happy medium between pig tails and booty shorts? I mean, I don’t need for my daughter to look like she’s 7, still wearing a smocked dress with pig tails in her hair, but come on…booty shorts?


pigtails (Photo credit: alandberning)

The Waiting Room


THE WAITING ROOM...Life is a highway…well, sometimes…Other times, it’s more like a waiting room, feeling like time stands still, while we wait. What purpose does the “waiting” serve? It grows one’s resolve to see the thing through. A pregnant mother waits and waits and waits, suffering discomfort and pain along the way, until the expectation of the blessing that is to come overpowers her fear of the pain. It is at that moment, that even when told NOT to push, she is compelled to PUSH through the pain because she KNOWS it is TIME to birth her blessing. I wonder, if pregnancies were easier, only lasting a day, would we be more inclined to say, “Oh let’s wait, I’m not ready, it’s going to hurt! Can’t we just wait another day, doc?” Or, if pregnancy did not involve months and months of discomfort and sacrifice, would we be more inclined to say, “Uhm, I can wait a little longer, please, I don’t want to go through that pain!” So, I contend that the discomfort, the “endless” waiting, and the PAIN all serve to give us a resolve, a sense of ownership, that this baby, this blessing, this dream, that God has planned for us must be delivered, through the pain, in His timing. It must not be abandoned or put off when the appointed time comes. So, while I hate the times of being in the “waiting room,” being “pregnant” with an appointment to fulfill, Lord, help me to be thankful for the times in the “waiting room” and to remember that those are the times that lead up to the delivery and that you have a divine, appointed time at which all of the discomfort, pain, and “endless” waiting will be worth it. His timing is perfect. The waiting room is a good place to be. It’s a “God” place to be.

No Shots, No School, I think NOT!


Vaccination (Photo credit: Sanofi Pasteur)

No Shots, No School? I think NOT! I had not given much thought to vaccines lately, but the other day, I attended an Orientation for one of my children’s upcoming year into middle school. One of the topics covered by the School Counselor was vaccines. She stated verbally (and it was given out in print), that BY LAW, your child MUST have two MMRs and two Varicella vaccines before they can begin the school year next year. Coincidentally, my child has already had those because we used to vaccinate, before I woke up. So, it really doesn’t matter for us. However, I really had to fight the urge to stand up and shout, “It’s a lie!! You don’t have to do that to your child if you don’t have peace about it!!” Of course, my common sense and social inhibitions kept my mouth shut and my batookus in my seat, but I left feeling a little queasy, hoping that parents are aware of what they are doing, making educated decisions. I am not saying that I believe no one should get the shots, just that we had decided it is not for us and that I hate the thought of parents’ rights being violated and parents being bullied into subjecting their children to something they might not otherwise…Here is a copy and paste of an affidavit I saved a while back that states that we DO have the right, in ANY state to refuse vaccinations if we choose to do so. I wish I could recall the site I retrieved this from, but it has been too long. I hope it is helpful and informative to someone. Notice the strong language..it points out the SCHOOL is the criminal, not YOU, when they attempt to force you to vaccinate your child!


Pursuant to Senate Bill # 942, Section 1 Chapter # 7, under the title “Exemption From Immunization,” I hereby declare that I, as a guardian/parent having responsibility for my self/child, named _________________________________ who is an adult/minor, withhold my consent and let it be known that said adult/minor is exempt from any and all immunizations and/or vaccinations on the grounds that such is contrary to my personal and/or religious beliefs.




Any school or medical authority which tries to enforce vaccination on children or anyone else is in violation of the laws of the United States, and may be subject to prosecution.

Amendment 14 of the United States Constitution: “No state shall make or impose any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of the citizens of the United States, nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property.”

Amendment 4 of the United States Constitution: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons shall not be violated.”

SUBSCRIBED AND AFFIRMED BEFORE ME ON THIS _____ TH DAY OF _______________, _________.


_______________________________________________ SIGNATURE AND DATE

______________________________ NOTARY PUBLIC

Food is Medicine

FOOD IS MEDICINE!! One of my children was having some trouble with, well, how do I say this? Well, he was constipated. I kept telling him that he needed to drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables when he is given them. He kept begging for some “medicine.” So, I walked over to refrigerator, washed some strawberries, poured him a cup of ice water, and sent him to the “oval office” to have his snack. A short while later, I heard squeals of delight as he came running out saying, “Mom, it worked, it worked!!’ It was a real life teaching moment, one of those where words become action, and he “got it!” Only problem now is, he gets out of his bed at night, complaining of a “stomach ache” and asking for some strawberries…hmmmm :)


a Plate full of Strawberries.

a Plate full of Strawberries. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Chicken Pox Party Anyone?

Chicken Pox


chickenpox (Photo credit: hopeandmegan)

Pox Parties and all that madness!! Ahh, good times! I still remember a sweet childhood memory of waking up one morning and realizing I had some foreign red, itchy bumps starting on my belly. I ran from my room with delight, squealing to my Mom, “I’ve got the chicken pox! I’ve got the chicken pox!! No school! No school!” I was already pretty thrilled as it was, and to top it all off, a friend of mine ended up having it at the same time. So, not only did I get to stay home, but I got to have a buddy come over and play all day. It was like “legal hooky” from school. I swear, I don’t even remember feeling bad. Unfortunately, fast forward several years, and my own children were given the varicella vaccine because back then I was a “book says” and “doctor says” Mama. So, my children got the junk in the syringe instead of the real virus. Sigh…Anyway, I had to laugh out loud (really) when I came across a site that is for parents looking to “infect” their children with the chicken pox. I mean, don’t we all remember that as a kid? If your Mom found out that little Joey down the street had the pox and you had not yet had them, guess where you were going for a play date? That’s right! Moms knew that getting it sooner rather than later was better. So, parents who have done their homework and know that natural immunity from actually having the chicken pox is far better than what is in that needle are now having to desperately search for the chosen few who are unvaccinated and actually get the chicken pox. Informed parents, making informed choices for THEMSELVES and their children. That’s the stuff. Well, ehh hmmm, at least until the government gets wind of all of this “resourcefulness” and all-American independent, free-thinking mumbo jumbo. Yeah, let’s just say, it ain’t goin’ over so well with the feds…Yikes, that’s a whole other topic…Anyway, check it out for yourself. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Find-a-Pox-Party-in-Your-Area/125145780870717 It looks pretty awesome, but be aware, you are “stepping into it.” Happy Pox Partying!