Prisoner of my Purpose

Português: Uma cela moderna em Brecksville Pol...

Português: Uma cela moderna em Brecksville Police Department, Brecksville, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever feel like a prisoner of your own purpose? When a purpose is God-appointed, it will follow you even when you wish it would go away. It will hunt you down like a dog when you try to run away from it. It will call out to you when you feel lost and have forgotten where you are going. It will even console you when you cry over the burden it can sometimes place on your shoulders. Yet, it will also refresh you when you are tired, remind you why you are here, and compel you to go on, when you have forgotten why you do what you do. God-appointed purpose can lift you up, hunt you down, push you on, press down on you, and sometimes be like the little brother or sister that you wish would stop following you around everywhere you go, reminding you (and everyone else) just who you are. God-appointed purpose does not go away. It goes with you, like your DNA, and it is recognizable to all who know you. Peace and congruence within oneself come when you stop fighting that purpose, stop running from that purpose, stop fearing it. Peace and congruence come when you embrace it, acknowledge it, own it, thank God for the blessing (not the burden) that it is, and let God allow you to bless others through it. Good advice, now to take my own…


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