Citrus Magic is right!

Citrus aurantiifolia: Fruits and foliage.

Citrus aurantiifolia: Fruits and foliage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Time for another great product review!! I have been using this magical stuff called “Citrus Magic” because it smells wonderful, and it is a natural alternative to “Lysol” and other harsh sprays. Well, it doesn’t really disinfect like Lysol, but it also eliminates smells instead of covering them up. And Lysol irritates my asthmatic family. Seriously, it smells like you just cut open a fresh orange and squirted it all over the room, only you didn’t and there’s no sticky mess!! All Moms should know about this product. The BEST air freshener I have used-ever. It is made from essential oils and does not use aerosols. Win-win!! Try it, seriously.



Roadblocks and Obstacles


Frustration (Photo credit: music2work2)

Disappointment? Frustration? Even anger? What do we do when we hit roadblocks on the way to where we want to go? Often times, these “roadblocks” come in the form of people, people who will not do what we want them to do in order for us to get where we want to go. The natural tendency is to become frustrated with them. “Why won’t they just do what I am asking them to do so I can get on with this plan?”

However, God has been showing me something very cool about these obstacles over the last few years. And, that is to embrace the obstacles and to understand that: 1) Those obstacles are simply “bumper guards” to keep us on the track He has set before us (much like the bumper guards that they put out for children when they go bowling). 2) God will use the obstacles in His big plan for us, one way or the other-may not be the original plan we had but He will use it for our good. 3) There is no obstacle He cannot remove, move, or use to get us to our destination.

So, in looking at obstacles that way, I understand that my momentary frustration with an obstacle, be it a person or a thing, is just that-momentary. It does not last long because I know that He will get me to where He wants me to be in His timing and the obstacle can become a stepping stone.

You see, I believe that there is nothing we can do to escape or mess up His plan for our lives. We can always take a detour through our own poor choices, but ultimately His plan for our lives will be carried out.

It is this truth that makes the frustrating moments and days not-so-frustrating and even exciting as I think about…”Hmm, wonder what He’s up to now. There really must be more to this plan than I initially thought. God is definitely up to something.”


11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11


So on days like today I just remind myself-its all part of the journey. This person blocking my way is not the problem. The problem is the problem and this person is simply not a part of the solution. 

GroceryIQ-Grocery List gone virtual!

Grocery List

Grocery List (Photo credit: CC Chapman)

I have found something monumental in the world of grocery shopping, people! It is a free app called “GroceryIQ,” and here are the reasons I adore it:

1) It eliminates the need for paper and pen every time you think of something to add to your list.

2) It eliminates the possibility of forgetting your list and leaving it at home (as long as you don’t forget your phone, that is;).

3) It allows you to break your items down into categories (i.e., fruits and veggies, dairy, pharmacy and personal care, etc).

4) And here is one of my most favorite features…drumroll, please!……..It allows you to sync your list with someone else’s. (In our house, this is monumental because my husband currently does the grocery shopping, and I can be in the middle of work, think of something we need, and add it to the list. It will update his list immediately so he will know to get this item without me having to send him annoying texts, “hey, we need this, and oh, don’t forget that.” Love it!!

5) It also gives an option to email your list to someone, and I could see this coming in handy in more temporary situations like you are recovering from a surgery or birth of a child, and someone has offered to run to the store for you.

6) It also suggests coupons for you based on your list. Now, they are not always a perfect match to the exact item you want, but still, pretty cool feature! And, once you have “clipped” all your coupons, you can send them directly to your printer wirelessly, and they will print without you having to even get out of your chair. (well, ok, you eventually have to get them off the printer…)

7) It also has “virtual coupons,” I like to call them. With each item you add, you can click the arrow for more options and it will offer for you use your savings card for this item. Now, this feature, I believe, is supposed to allow you to load coupons electronically and then use your store shopper’s card to redeem them. Unfortunately, my favorite store (Publix) does not seem to participate, but I will be checking into that. May be a great feature for shoppers whose favorite stores are listed.

8) Bar Code scanner-fabulous!! O.K., so, say there is that one item that comes in fifty million varieties and the shopper of the house finds it confusing…you can scan the bar code on the item, and it will add it to the list for you. Once you (or your shopper) are in the store, you can scroll over to see a picture of the item, the actual size or weight, and which local stores carry it. Or, you could always just use the bar code scanner to avoid having to manually type items in.

I am sure that there are many other ways to benefit from this really cool app, but these are just the ways that I have found in the short time I have been using it. We are all about organization and efficiency around here with the pace that we run, and anything that improves those areas is worth gold to me. Hope some of you find it useful as well! Happy Shopping!