Progress: movement, as toward a goal. A work in progress: something not yet finished. And, that is me. I will not be “finished” until I see Jesus face to face. I am a wife of an incredible man, a mother to four beautiful blessings, and I also feel honored to be called into the field of counseling. I am just beginning on this journey of becoming a counselor, and I am looking forward to serving in this field. I have homeschooled my children at one time, and I miss it. I have spent some time learning a little about eating more “naturally” or chemical-free, thus the “crunchy” page on my site. However, I am no match for the true organic Mamas who know all things crunchy. On that note, I believe strongly in the right to make one’s own healthcare choices (i.e., not vaccinate among many other things), and I am a fan of capitalism, free markets, and small government. However, again, I am no politician or any match for a debate. I just have my opinions, and I happen to think they’re good. I believe most strongly in the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. For, without Him I could do nothing,; yet, through Him I can do all things. This is what gets me through the hardest of times and keeps me humble in the high times. My children are my heartbeat, and I am so grateful to have a wonderful husband with which to partner in raising them. He is my best friend, next to Jesus. That is my nutshell. Enjoy the site!

To contact me, you may leave a reply to a specific post or e-mail me at info@progressmom.com

Disclaimer: This site is not intended to offer or provide mental health diagnoses, treatment, or care of any kind and is for sharing of information only. If you feel that you or someone in your family needs help, contact a mental health professional in your area or go to the nearest emergency room.



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