Citrus Magic is right!

Citrus aurantiifolia: Fruits and foliage.

Citrus aurantiifolia: Fruits and foliage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Time for another great product review!! I have been using this magical stuff called “Citrus Magic” because it smells wonderful, and it is a natural alternative to “Lysol” and other harsh sprays. Well, it doesn’t really disinfect like Lysol, but it also eliminates smells instead of covering them up. And Lysol irritates my asthmatic family. Seriously, it smells like you just cut open a fresh orange and squirted it all over the room, only you didn’t and there’s no sticky mess!! All Moms should know about this product. The BEST air freshener I have used-ever. It is made from essential oils and does not use aerosols. Win-win!! Try it, seriously.



Food is Medicine

FOOD IS MEDICINE!! One of my children was having some trouble with, well, how do I say this? Well, he was constipated. I kept telling him that he needed to drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables when he is given them. He kept begging for some “medicine.” So, I walked over to refrigerator, washed some strawberries, poured him a cup of ice water, and sent him to the “oval office” to have his snack. A short while later, I heard squeals of delight as he came running out saying, “Mom, it worked, it worked!!’ It was a real life teaching moment, one of those where words become action, and he “got it!” Only problem now is, he gets out of his bed at night, complaining of a “stomach ache” and asking for some strawberries…hmmmm :)


a Plate full of Strawberries.

a Plate full of Strawberries. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Chicken Pox Party Anyone?

Chicken Pox


chickenpox (Photo credit: hopeandmegan)

Pox Parties and all that madness!! Ahh, good times! I still remember a sweet childhood memory of waking up one morning and realizing I had some foreign red, itchy bumps starting on my belly. I ran from my room with delight, squealing to my Mom, “I’ve got the chicken pox! I’ve got the chicken pox!! No school! No school!” I was already pretty thrilled as it was, and to top it all off, a friend of mine ended up having it at the same time. So, not only did I get to stay home, but I got to have a buddy come over and play all day. It was like “legal hooky” from school. I swear, I don’t even remember feeling bad. Unfortunately, fast forward several years, and my own children were given the varicella vaccine because back then I was a “book says” and “doctor says” Mama. So, my children got the junk in the syringe instead of the real virus. Sigh…Anyway, I had to laugh out loud (really) when I came across a site that is for parents looking to “infect” their children with the chicken pox. I mean, don’t we all remember that as a kid? If your Mom found out that little Joey down the street had the pox and you had not yet had them, guess where you were going for a play date? That’s right! Moms knew that getting it sooner rather than later was better. So, parents who have done their homework and know that natural immunity from actually having the chicken pox is far better than what is in that needle are now having to desperately search for the chosen few who are unvaccinated and actually get the chicken pox. Informed parents, making informed choices for THEMSELVES and their children. That’s the stuff. Well, ehh hmmm, at least until the government gets wind of all of this “resourcefulness” and all-American independent, free-thinking mumbo jumbo. Yeah, let’s just say, it ain’t goin’ over so well with the feds…Yikes, that’s a whole other topic…Anyway, check it out for yourself. It looks pretty awesome, but be aware, you are “stepping into it.” Happy Pox Partying!